"What makes an individual dance session so special?"

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

In the immortal words of the incredible McFly....

"It's all about yoooooou, it's all about you baby!!"

Individual sessions can be some of the most inspiring and amazing sessions I get to be a part of! Working with a dancer one-on-one to create images they are proud of and can cherish forever is something I will forever be grateful to be able to do!!

By booking an individual session, you are making a commitment. A commitment to YOU and investing in YOURSELF! These images may be to showcase all your hard work to the world, or just for you to keep and remember forever. Whatever the reason, know that when you book a session, I work tirelessly from the moment of the first message you send to ensure the whole experience is one you will remember FOREVER!!

So what makes individual sessions so special? I hear you cry....


You are my sole focus, not only for the duration of the shoot, but usually for hours before and after we are together. From organising locations, researching poses to show you off to the best we can, to reviewing the images, picking your BEST ones and editing them to compliment you and ensure you are the sole focus of our shots! I also try my best to only book ONE individual session a day, so you really are my focus! Time can run over if needed to ensure we get the best results through our hard work!

"What do I do BEFORE the session..."

Whilst booking your session, this is a time I use to really prepare! As we all know, preparation is key to making sure things go well, especially with dance, and a photoshoot is no different. I have worked hard during my time as a dance photographer to make sure we can work together from the moment we begin to get the best shots and also HAVE THE MOST FUN!!

I have created a questionnaire to help me get a good understanding of what you are looking for, what styles you like most and who your inspirations are. Along with some good old fashioned research as well, this allows me to get a great idea of you as a dancer before we even meet.

Also during this time, we discuss where we are going to shoot! For studio sessions, we can discuss what styles of images you are wanting, background and lighting to make the magic happen. For locations, is there somewhere special you would love to shoot or a specific type of location you really love?

I have created a section on my website called FAQ's with some helpful hints and tips to help you prepare :) This includes what to bring with you and how to make the most out of your session. And as I always say..... if there is anything else, JUST DROP ME A MESSAGE! :)

"What happens during the session...."


When you arrive for your session, we will sit down, review what you have bought with you, have a drink and make a plan for our time together. This is a great way of getting over those pre-shoot nerves and really start getting to know each other.

As we work through the shoot, we will change locations (if outdoors), outfits and work through our ideas. We also then have the key components of every great shoot....


Firstly, the important part... and something that we repeat throughout the shoot not just at the beginning... STRETCHING! Yes mainly you, but maybe also me to stop me from pulling something. I am not getting any younger thats for sure! It is so important to make sure you are warm throughout the shoot. Not only to get the best out of the poses we try but also to make sure you don't injure yourself. For dancers this is so important. You work so hard to maintain your skills the last thing we want to do is to hinder this during your session!

This is also one of the reasons for my individual sessions lasting between 2-3 hours. It means we are not rushed, can regularly stop to re-stretch or maybe focus on a certain area depending on the poses we are working through and ensure the muscles are properly warm for working and limit the possibility of injury as much as we can. This also includes things like keeping feet and muscles warm whilst moving location by wrapping up in clothing and booties.


As we begin, we will explore different poses and ideas for throughout the session. Things you know you can do, and just as importantly, things you maybe don't think you can. I only have one ask from you on a shoot.... to try.

"The magic begins at the edge of your comfort zone"

Trying new things is fantastic BUT this will ALWAYS be done in a controlled safe way. Your safety is paramount and so these things will not be above your ability level but maybe just ideas you wouldn't normally think of. And the best thing.... if they don't work.... it doesn't matter as long as we have fun!

Also, this is where you will usually have a good giggle.... at my expense! I am not a dancer! I do not profess to be one and usually only dance in my living room when there is no-one there. But I will have ideas and I will try and show you.... Queue the laughing that usually happens!! It won't stop me trying though thats for sure ha-ha!


With your poses throughout the shoot we will focus on TECHNIQUE! This is so important. You work so hard during your training to master the art of dance that it is crucial to make sure this is shown off. I don't mean you have to have a Principle Dancer level Ponche or a World Class Grande Jete (if you do, be sure to know I WILL be capturing that, that's for sure!) but I mean the basics! Focussing on turn out, gorgeously pointed toes and straight lines. Even the simplest of poses can be elevated so much by ensuring this is focussed on.

I am sure this is also the point where some may feel I get a little tougher ha-ha! But rest assured this is because I want what is best for you :) It's ALL about having fun but making sure we create images that in years to come, you are proud of! The journey of all of us is so important and showing this off, no matter where your own journey may take you, is truly special.

"So we have finished the shoot, now what?"

Wow! I can say hand on heart I ALWAYS enjoy shoots! Every single one is a new experience and something I am so blessed to do. Not many people can say they love their jobs, and I really do!

So, now is the time for you to go home, have a nice bath and RELAX! You have earned it!

I, on the other hand, am just getting started and carry on the hard work to make sure you are shown off to the fullest!

My usual routine is.... home, shower, food, laptop on and card out the camera to download! Maybe sleep.... but I do tend to get very excited so that will depend on what time we get finished! I try and make sure I only have 1 (or maximum of 2 if things are really busy during school holidays!) individual sessions in any one day, so I really can focus on YOU! And this also usually means that I get all excited and crack on with at the very least the first stages the minute I am able to!

I go through and review every single photo we have taken and select the VERY BEST shots, focusing on our hard work around technique and execution of poses to create a collection of your very best images. Each photo is then fully edited, ensuring any bruises, scratches etc are removed, backgrounds are not distracting, light, contrast and colour corrected if needed and everything is PERFECT! After all, that is what you deserve!!

Once the images are ready for you to see, they are uploaded to your unique online gallery to view. These are password protected to ensure your safety continues even after we aren't together and you can select the images you want the world to see. You can create a "Favourites" list to review further, if there are too many to decide straight away as well.

Those included within your session can be downloaded using your unique Gift Card sent to you following the shoot and any additional edits you want to keep can be purchased. Each photo selected is provided in full colour and B&W at a high resolution digital format for you to keep, print and share with anyone you want!!

If you choose from the printed products, I will ensure these are created with the same love and attention that every aspect of your shoot has had and they are as gorgeous as they can be as that is what you deserve!

Whatever you choose for your final product delivery, I aim to ensure all shots can be cherished forever! Timeless poses with that focus you will be proud of for years to come! Not like the dodgy pictures my parents have of me from when I was younger.... Yes mum, I mean that horrid dress and 80's background in the living room you think I have forgotten about!!

I hope this has provided you a bit more of an insight into what goes into an individual session with me and you have learnt more about what to expect if you book in with me. If you are interested in booking something, or just want to chat more, please do drop me a message on any of the platforms available!! I hope to welcome you to a shoot in the future!!



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